St. John's United Methodist Church Ongoing Prayer List

St. John's Prayer Room

Please fill out the form below for any prayer concerns or prayers of thanksgiving.  Continue to scroll down for information on our Caring Ministries.  Thank you and have a blessed day.

Congregational Care Ministry

Our Congregational Care Ministry is made of many different care teams.  Each team has its own mission and purpose as stated below.  If you feel called into one of these ministries or are in need of their assistance, please feel free to contact the person named below each team or Congregational Care Coordinator, Carolyn Henry.

  • St. John's Is a Praying Church

    The goal of St. John's Prayer Ministry is for our people, that is our church, to experience God anew.  God is always at work around us and longs for us to join in His work.  One part of this divine work is prayer.  Prayer can change people and circumstances. 

    If you have prayer requests, have a blessing you want to share, or would like to be a part of this ministry, please send an email to the Prayer Team

    There are many people in crisis, whether it health, finances, or family.  Please click here for a complete list of those who need your prayers and to celebrate the blessings.

  • Prayer Shawl Ministries

    This ministry symbolizes God's love and healing presence.  This ministry includes individuals who enjoy crocheting and knitting shawls and afghans.  These items are made to be given to members of the church and their extended families who find warmth and comfort through these gifts.  When there is a request made of someone in need of comfort, a shawl is taken to them or given to the individual making the request.

    To request a prayer shawl or to become involved in this loving ministry, contact Beverly Thompson or Sue Long.

  • Friends by Faith

    This ministry's purpose is to ensure that all members who, for whatever reason, are confined to home or other facility, receive a call or a friendly visit to remind them that they are valued members of St. John's United Methodist Church.

    For more information or to join our Friends by Faith ministry, contact our Congregational Care Coordinator, Carolyn Henry.

  • Stephen's Ministries

    This ministry is a program for our congregation that equips lay persons to provide distinctively Christian one-on-one care to those who are experiencing difficult life circumstances, both in the congregation and the community.

    Stephen Ministry is a confidential ministry, so all aspects of the caring relationship remain private.  For more information or to request a Stephen Minister, contact Carrie GodwardJudy Conner or Dayne Carlson.  You may also visit the Stephen Ministry website for more information.

  • Bereavement

    This ministry care for the families who have lost a loved one during this team to ease their loss.  For more information or to join the Bereavement Team, contact Linda Lindell.